Attestation 23/3/2020 for the most up to date information please consult www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus
We hope everyone is keeping well and busy. At least the weather has been lovely this week! Attached is the newest Attestation form . It has slightly more detail and distance and time limitations for exercise from home. You may go no more than 1 km from your house, and only for an hour, but daily for the purposes of exercise.

As we said in our previous posts, please contact a member of the committee by phone, email or Facebook if you need some help, but also just if you would like a chat!
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21st March 2020

Addendum to the text below please accept our apologies.
President Macron did not announce an extension, as was expected, but neither did he specifically announce that there would not be one  - therefore we believe that we may still be under lock down conditions for some while longer 
Either Attestation can be used whichever suits your needs best and they can be in printed or written form.
Dear all
Following my last email to you all regarding the postponement of the Martin Walker event in particular, events have moved very quickly indeed in France and we are living through some very strange times. We would not have imagined even a week ago that we would have had to postpone everything, indefinitely.
The committee achieved a first yesterday - an online 'virtual' committee meeting! It was very successful and proved that we are never 'too old to learn new tricks'. We have made the decision to postpone the AGM, probably until the autumn, in view of the logistical difficulties such as sending out and receiving postal votes, having accounts audited etc. We will keep you informed as soon as we know more.
Similarly, and in appreciation of the difficulties of posting membership renewal cheques, we are not enforcing the deadline of 31 March. However, we would be extremely grateful if you would email Rosemary (rocopley@hotmail.com) as soon as possible and confirm that you are intending to renew.
We also believe that we may still be under lockdown conditions for some while longer. President Macron did not announce an extension, as was expected, but neither did he specifically announce that there would not be an extension. He introduced a new 'attestation' for us to use (link below to a pdf which can be downloaded) which imposes stricter conditions and the penalties for violation of it will be more severe.
If you are not already a member of our Facebook page, you might like to join. There are lots of tips on finding online art galleries, quizzes, even online jigsaw puzzles which we can share. Some members have continued their weekly coffee mornings online and we have our DLCI online book club page. It is important for us to find things to do to occupy ourselves and for the benefit of our mental health. I am finding the arrival of spring and new growth of buds and shoots particularly uplifting and the weeding is keeping me busy ..
I would not be surprised to learn that it may indeed be necessary to remain at home for longer. Those of us who are fond of socialising may be finding the distancing instruction quite difficult but it is fairly clear that it is going to help us all in the effort to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It is important for us all to remember that we are not alone in this - even if physically we live alone. DLCI is a hugely supportive and caring association and I cannot stress enough that if you feel down, anxious, worried or even just plain bored, please get in touch. June looks after welfare (juneirisdavies@hotmail.com) aided by Lin (lin.green100@gmail.com) but you may contact any of the committee members if you are worried, or concerned about another member.
The newsletter will be sent out, as usual, at the start of April and you are warmly invited to contribute - with more time on our hands, some of us are rediscovering poetry or writing. Please email Eilidh at immo24-7@orange.fr, putting DLCI in the title of your message, if you would like to send a piece for inclusion.
We will be in touch more regularly during this period - in the meantime 'gardons le sourire' - keep smiling!
Kathy x

Statement from the DLCI committee March 15th 2020

Following the announcements from President Macron and his government over the last couple of days, the committee would like to announce that all DLCI event and group activities will be suspended until further notice. We will continue to follow government guidelines and update members as and when things change. Our AGM is set for June. Our Statutes do not cover this type of unusual occurrence and so we will let members know once we know how we must manage that.

In the meantime, we would like to continue looking after each other.

In his speech President Macron urged all those aged 70+, or with chronic illnesses and breathing issues and disability to stay at home as much as they can and to avoid contact with others.

If you are self isolating, maybe living alone and having difficulty with things like shopping, please feel free to ask for help by contacting a member of the committee by phone, email or Facebook.


We have many members, I'm sure many of them would be happy to help out a neighbour in a way that doesn't put themselves at risk.


Kathy, Fee, June, Pascale, Lin, Teresa, Rosemary, Eilidh and Patricia


Social contact and international friendships start here.




Regional luncheons, talks, demos and other events visiting our beautiful area.




Fundraising for donations to charities of the community.




Excursions, artisan fairs, French-speaking coffee mornings and other activities.




DLCI Annual General Meeting – 17 June 2020
Your nominations are now required for the DLCI
2020 donations to charity. There are 3 categories:
Adult, Child and Animal. You can make a
nomination in any or all of these categories. The

provisos are:

The charity must be officially registered with a
charity registration number.
It must be within the DLCI region, ie Dordogne, Lot,
Lot et Garonne or Nouvelle Aquitaine.
Make your nomination by letter or email, giving
the charity’s name, registration number and a
short summary of what it does. If you have another
member who seconds your proposal, please give

their name as well.

Please note that last year’s winners are not eligible

for nomination in 2020.

These were-

Lions Club-Vacances en Plein Air
Unis ver Contre Cancer

Nominations to be sent to Fee Bowtell by the 27

April 2020.

Preferably by email to feebowtell@gmail.com
Address :- Dove Cottage


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