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Université du temps libre de Bergerac

The Université du Temps Libre in Bergerac is a non-profit organisation which aims to provide a wide range of artistic, cultural and sports activities in a friendly, sociable atmosphere. All our teachers and coaches work on a voluntary basis.


One of the objectives of our association is to strengthen the ties between the English-speaking community in the Bergerac area and the local French population. Whether you’ve just moved to France or lived here for many years, joining the UTL is your opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends. We work in close cooperation with local English-speaking organisations such as the Dordogne Ladies Club International.





Whether you’re a complete beginner or just need to brush up your French in a conversation class, we offer seven courses geared to your level and skills. For further details please contact Pascale Devlin on 06 12 76 80 08 or pascale.devlin@yahoo.fr




Our wide range of courses includes painting, handicrafts, philosophy, history, genealogy, gym, computer skills, stress management, electricity, medicinal plants and photography. We also hold monthly conferences by leading experts, and organise outings and excursions on a regular basis.




Annual membership fee : 25 €. An English-language application form is available online on our website www.utlbergerac.com. Or you can call 06 52 57 93 08 to find out more about our association.



Association culturel Franco Anglaise d'Aquitaine




Group 47


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