Chien Guide Centre Alienor (June 2016)

Unis Vers Contre Cancer (June 2017)*

Association France Alzheimer (June 2018)         


Vacances en plein air/Lions Club International (June 2016)

Centre Alienor (June 2018)



SPA Bergerac (June 2016)


Twilight the animal home for dogs (June 2017)*


Association de Quattre Pattes (June 2018)




** These charities have been nominated by the


Members for this year 2016/2017 and each will


receive a donation of 1500€!



DONATIONS 2015 - 2016 

SPA cheque presentation with Michel Simeon, Hilary Dunford, Joanne Holloway, Liz Walker and Christian Carrard

Leanne Whitely from Twilight Association (one of our 2017 charities) receiving a cheque for €1500 from Julie Goatham on behalf of the DLCI

Presentation of cheque for €1500 to Maryse Laval, President of Unis Vers Le Cancer (our 2017 adult charity) by Jane Helm on behalf of the DLCI

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